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“Too often albums are merely strings of songs with little thematic link. But these 12 exquisitely chosen ballads create a spiritual journey through the human soul, with affecting images of darkness and light, strength and weakness, evil plenty of humor.” (three star rating)
–Bruce Sylvester, The Boston Phoenix

“Most of the well-known songs take on new colors and nuances in her performance. I felt like I was hearing Gorka’s “Raven in the Storm” for the first time. Bob Franke owes Stockwell a great debt for her haunting interpretation of his “I But a Little Girl.” Few, if any, others have tackled this powerfully chilling epic.”
–Rich Warren, Sing Out Magazine

“In an era when every guitarist tries to be a songwriter, Sarah Stockwell’s debut album “Dark of Moon” comes as a relief: finally, a young folk singer who interprets other writer’s work… finesses some wonderful songs… and she brings a brooding power to Bob Franke’s “I But a Little Girl” that the original only hinted at.”
–Daniel Gewertz, The Folk Almanac

“I love these versions of my songs — there is so much mood to this whole record.”
Michael Smith

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