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The Music of Sarah Stockwell Arthen » 2009 » November
The Music of Sarah Stockwell Arthen

The Music of Sarah Stockwell Arthen

“I Knew This Place” – Live at the Hilltown Spring Festival

The Hilltown Community Development Corporation (www.hilltowncdc.org) is a great organization here in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts — its annual Spring Festival is one of my favorite events of the year.  I’ve been singing Dave Mallet’s “I Knew This Place” for a couple of decades (www.davidmallett.com).  Reminds me of  my family’s connection to my grandparent’s land.

“Just a Bum” – Live at the Iron Horse

Greg Brown’s “Just a Bum” at the Iron Horse Music Hall

in Northampton, Mass. on August 29, 2007.