The Music of Sarah Stockwell Arthen & Hilltown Herbals

The Music of Sarah Stockwell Arthen & Hilltown Herbals

Hilltown Herbals: Lyme Herbs and more, for sale!

Coming soon, a list of herbs (extracts/tinctures and capsules) available to order from the Lyme Protocol created by Stephen Harrod Buhner, as well as Herbal Antibiotics and Herbal Antivirals.

Please feel free to contact me about herbs you want or need now, especially if you saw the Hilltown Herbals display at the NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) conference in August at UMass.

Home Health Herb Garden list


Home Health Herbs at Taproot CommonsGarden & Wild Plant Allies

* = use these lavishly as infusions (strong tea).

17 Herbs To Grow at Home: Plant starts (seeds or bulbs… and some tinctures) available at Taproot Commons Farm Stand. For workshops to show you how to use and grow these plants, go to Many of these plants are very generous, and will spread and self-seed, esp. not used prolifically! So use them!)


*Lemon Balm (perennial: may self-seed prolifically if not used.)

*Chamomile (perennial)

*Peppermint (perennial: spreads by runners)

*Nettle (perennial: spreads by seed and runners)

*Tulsi/Sacred Basil (annual: may self-seed)

*Oats (direct seed in your garden)

*Catnip (perennial: spreads and self-seeds)

Motherwort (perennial: may self-seed)

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale, perennial: spreads and self-seeds)

Calendula (annual: will self-seed)

Marshmallow (perennial, will self-seed)

Mugwort (perennial: spreads by runners, pull them back)

Boneset (perennial: will self-seed conservatively)

Elder (perennial shrub)

Sage (perennial)

Garlic (annual bulb: plant in late fall for next year)

Echinacea (perennial: will self-seed reasonably)


To Grow Indoors:



Wild plants to encourage and gather:

*Red Clover flower

*Violet leaf and flower

*Red Raspberry leaf

*Dandelion leaf, (flower, root)

*Chickweed leaf

Mullein leaf and flower

Evening Primrose/Borage (eat flowers, collect seeds for oil nutrients)

Burdock root (biennial: use 1st year root)

Blackberry root

Goldenrod leaf

Plantain leaf

Yellow Dock leaf and root

Evergreen needles (such as pines, firs, cedars – not yew)

St. Johns Wort leaf and flower

Yarrow leaf

Wild ginger (Asarum)

Pickles in my root cellar!


Living Sustainably in the Hilltowns: The Waulking Song (with friends, part 4)

Sticky: “Ballad of Mary Magdalene” – Live at the Iron Horse

Richard Shindell’s, “The Ballad of Mary Magdalene” at

the Iron Horse Music Hall on August 29, 2007.

“I Knew This Place” – Live at the Hilltown Spring Festival

The Hilltown Community Development Corporation ( is a great organization here in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts — its annual Spring Festival is one of my favorite events of the year.  I’ve been singing Dave Mallet’s “I Knew This Place” for a couple of decades (  Reminds me of  my family’s connection to my grandparent’s land.

“Solid Ground” – Live from a hay field

Singing Dougie MacLean’s “Solid Ground” in Kip Sear’s hay field, Cummington, MA.  Video and inspiration by Rose Wessel (

“Just a Bum” – Live at the Iron Horse

Greg Brown’s “Just a Bum” at the Iron Horse Music Hall

in Northampton, Mass. on August 29, 2007.

Healing in This Night – Live at the Iron Horse

Sarah sings Bob Franke’s “Healing in this Night” at the Iron Horse

Music Hall in Northampton, Mass. on August 29, 2007.

The Dead Egyptian Blues – Live at the Iron Horse

Sarah sings Michael Smith’s “The Dead Egyptian Blues” at the Iron

Horse Music Hall in Northampton, Mass. on August 29, 2007.

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